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Bus Timetables

Penzance to Porthcurno, and back

Bus Timetables scroll down for times - Service expanded from 12 July 2020 but still has restrictions in place

Buses carry less passengers per bus, only about 1 in 4 seats are available at present due to social distancing requirements, and passengers must wear a face covering or mask, and preferably pay contactlessly or via the dedicated app. From April 2020 to 31 May 2020 bus services were very limited due to Covid-19, with just four buses a day to Porthcurno, then five a day until 11 July. You can always check for latest service status at firstgroup.com/cornwall/current-bus-service.

Winter timetables normally have less buses than in summer. Summer timetables would usually have about one bus an hour to and from Porthcurno.

These buses run in a circular route. Some run clockwise and some run anti-clockwise, which explains why times to reach the same destination can be so different and in some places a bus to your destination could come on either side of the road. The circular route includes Land's End, so all of these either go to, or come from, Land's End. Some may have come from St Just and St Ives to Land's End as bus number A3 (formerly bus 300), or may go on to those places from Land's End, and may be open-top double-decker buses. Read more bus info.  2017 saw the introduction of a number of new semi-opentop buses in a circular service Penzance to Lands End to St Ives to Penzance under the route number A1 and A3, with the memorable new route name Atlantic Coasters.

To get to the Minack Theatre by bus you need to get off at the bus stop in the car park in the Porthcurno valley, between the Cable Station Inn and the Telegraph Museum. From there it is about five minutes walk up a steep hill to the Minack - the buses do not go up that hill. At the Porthcurno carpark just opposite the Cable Station Inn there is an official bus stop with timetables, and from here the bus turns around and goes back the way it came.

Please note that local bus services have been severely cut so that wealthy companies and individuals can avoid tax and social responsibility, and local residents can just stay at home and suffer.

Outside of towns the bus is required to pick you up and let you off where you ask, just wave at the driver to get on, as if you were hailing a taxi. This is officially called a "hail and ride" service. Read more bus travel and taxi information.

Current Bus Timetable from 12 July 2020

Penzance to Porthcurno

From 12 July 2020, Monday to Sunday excluding holidays

No. dep. arr.
A1 0835 0918
A1 0935 1018
A1 1035 1118
A1 1135 1218
A1 1235 1318
A1 1335 1418
A1 1435 1518
A1 1535 1618
A1 1635 1718
A1 1735 1818

Porthcurno to Penzance

From 12 July 2020, Mon to Sun excluding holidays:

No. dep. arr.
A1 1000 1050
A1 1100 1150
A1 1200 1250
A1 1300 1350
A1 1400 1450
A1 1500 1550
A1 1600 1650
A1 1700 1750
A1 1800 1850

These buses are run by First Kernow, the local operation of the First Bus company. The local Community Bus now runs an independent service several times a day from Land's End to Sennen, St Just and Pendeen, but not to Porthcurno, Treen, St Buryan or St Levan. Western Greyhound no longer operate buses in this area from November 2013, so buses 501 and 504 to Porthcurno no longer exist.

The entirely open-top 300 bus used to run in a popular big circle around Penwith, covering St Ives, Penzance, St Just, Land's End, and Porthcurno. It still effectively runs in a circle but changes its name at different points on the route! This service has been a victim of cuts and confusion at Cornwall Council and First Bus, as have the evening buses which previously served the Minack Theatre. Meanwhile UK billionaires have doubled their wealth, and the UK government are further dismantling society, promoting global warming and hunger, and punishing everyone who is not rich. So catch these buses while you still can.